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Teach your child to read

03/15/2013 08:32:57 am

If you have young children you want to give them the most opportunities in life. One of the biggest gifts you can give them is the ability to read. Research has shown that the earlier your child reads the better their future academic performance will be. This creates a positive cycle that pushes their intellectual growth ahead of the curve and can open many opportunities for them.

I have added a module about how to teach your child to read. I found that people can find the task of teaching their child to read to be overwhelming. I put together this guide so that parents and educators can have a resource that provides information on what is involved, how to get started, and what kind of progress to expect.

This module contains information on:

While this information should give you a good idea of the benefits of teaching your child to read as well as what is involved, I recommend you find a complete system to help you present the necessary information to your child in a systematic and structured way. I personally have found the Children Learning Reading system to work well for me. I have used it with great success with my own daughter.

I hope you find this information useful and good luck getting started!

Personal Budget Allocation Tool

07/17/2010 15:41:03 pm

Having and following a personal budget is an important part of maintaining healthy personal finances. Having a personal budget gives you insight into where your money goes and can help you to plan your expenses and get out of debt. With better financial planning you can allocate your money more effectively.

One of the most difficult tasks of setting up a personal budget is knowing how much money to allocate to each budget category. How do you determine what is an appropriate amount to allocate to housing, entertainment, or savings? Even if you have been tracking how you spend your money it is difficult to know if you are over-spending in one category or under-spending in another.

In order to help with this problem I have created an online personal budget allocation tool. With this tool you can enter your income then see recommendations on how much money you should allocate to each of your budget categories.

With this information you can then get started on creating and following your personal budget. After tracking your spending against the recommended budget amounts you can make adjustments and fine tune your budget.

Once you know how to budget, staying in control of your personal finances is easy.

Phonetic Mnemonic Tool

07/7/2010 11:33:15 am

The Phonetic Mnemonic System is an advanced memory system that can be used to remember almost anything - from pin numbers to decks of cards. It can also be combined with other memory systems to further enhance your memory.

Learning this system, however, requires a bit of skill and practice. In order to help with using this system I've created a Phonetic Mnemonic Tool. This tool can be used to convert numbers to words that follow the rules for creating effective visual imagery. You can use this tool to help you remember phone numbers, lock combinations, multiplication tables and more.

If you are not familiar with the Phonetic Mnemonic System I recommend you first read over the article: Phonetic Mnemonic System. Once you understand how to use the system give the Phonetic Mnemonic Tool a try to see the suggestions it makes. Try your phone number or best friend's birthday. Once you get the hang of it you can try creating your own words for things you want to remember. With a bit of practice you will find you will be able to remember almost anything you want.

Site Changes

07/3/2010 13:07:13 pm

I've made some changes to this website and I'd like to tell you about them in this post. The most obvious change is the layout. I replaced the old banner picture with a butterfly. I've also tried to make the design a bit more open. Hopefully this will help make reading the content more comfortable.

A new addition to this website is the news section where I will be posting notifications of any content I add. This news section has an RSS feed so I encourage you to subscribe so you will be notified whenever I add new content to the site. You can subscribe with your favorite news reader by clicking on the 'subscribe' button in the left column.

I've also made significant changes to the software that runs this site. It is now easier for me to make updates, add new content, and add new tools.

So stay tuned and be sure to check back — hopefully these changes will help you find the information you are looking for.